Top 6 Best Computer Science Schools in Massachusetts


Top 6 Best Computer Science Schools in Massachusetts

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top computer science schools in Massachusetts so you can make an informed decision about your education. It’s no secret that Massachusetts is home to some of the nation’s finest and most affordable institutions of higher learning.

The knowledgeable teachers at these institutions ensure that their students are well-equipped to face the world after graduation.

There will be 21% more computer scientist employment in the coming decade, according to the OOH. The field of computer science is one of the most promising and stable markets.

The best computer science schools in Massachusetts are excellent places to start your academic career in the field. Those interested in pursuing a degree in computer science or a related field have a number of great options, both within the state and in the surrounding area.

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Top Massachusetts Universities for Computer Science

There are good CS programs throughout Massachusetts’s colleges and universities, but this article will focus on just five of them. These are some of them:

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Northeastern University
  3. Harvard University
  4. University of Massachusetts
  5. Boston University
  6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  7. Tufts University
  8. Boston College

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Top 6 Best Computer Science Schools in Massachusetts

1) University of Massachusetts Amherst

  • Acceptance Rate: 65%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 24,233
  • Tuition: $36,964

Among the greatest public colleges in the United States, UMass Amherst is a prominent public research institution. UMass Amherst is widely regarded as a leading institution within the prestigious University of Massachusetts system.

Over 23,000 students call UMass Amherst, located in picturesque and historic Amherst, Massachusetts, home. The admissions rate at UMass Amherst is low (65%).

A total of 35 different academic concentrations are available across the university’s three colleges (College of Engineering, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and College of Liberal Arts). In addition, the university provides its students with first-rate resources like labs, libraries, gyms, and more.

When it comes to computer science programs in the Bay State, UMass Amherst is among the best computer science schools in Massachusetts. The computer science degree program at UMass was ranked in the top 100 by CS Rankings.

The college’s skilled professors ensure that all students are well-prepared for the demands of the real world by providing them with an excellent education and a wide range of superior student services.

2) The University of Boston

  • Acceptance Rate: 20%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 16,872
  • Tuition: $59,816

Boston University is a private university in in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 183. When it comes to computer science, Boston University is among the best computer science schools in Massachusetts.

When it comes to computer science education, this university is unrivaled; they have both excellent professors and cutting-edge labs and classrooms. The institution’s robust industry collaborations also give students access to relevant work settings during their time there.

The 20% acceptance rate in Boston indicates a very selective institution. With 56.3% of courses having fewer than 20 pupils, the student-to-teacher ratio is 10:1.

According to CS Rankings, Boston University has the 43rd best computer science program in the country. U.S. News & World Report also placed the institution at #38 on its list of Best Value Schools.

The undergraduate computer science programs at Boston University feature a comprehensive curriculum that covers not only the theoretical foundations in mathematics, physics, chemistry, logic, programming languages, and computational methods, but also places a strong emphasis on practical hands-on learning and technical competence.

Boston University is notable for its emphasis on entrepreneurship for all undergraduates, not just those majoring in Computer Science. It offers numerous co-op programs so that students can try out different fields of work throughout their time there.

You should really think about enrolling at Boston University if you want to pursue a degree in computer science because it is one of the best in the world.

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3) Harvard University

  • Acceptance Rate: 5%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 5,222
  • Tuition: $55,587

Harvard University is a private university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which was founded in 1636. As one of the eight elite colleges that make up the Ivy League, Harvard is often regarded as one of the top computer science schools in Massachusetts.

The acceptance rate is only 5%, thus getting in is a real challenge. It is a graduate and undergraduate institution. Classes average fewer than 20 students and the student-to-teacher ratio is 5:1.


Harvard offers more than 2,000 different classes between its undergraduate and graduate divisions and its business, law, education, and government schools (including the John F. Kennedy School of Government and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences).

Mark Zuckerberg, inventor of Facebook; John F. Kennedy, president from 1961 to 1963; Elizabeth Warren, current senator from Massachusetts; these are just a few of the notable alumni. According to the 2022 edition of the Computer Science (CS) Ranking, Harvard University’s CS program is ranked 32nd in the world.

Harvard University is regarded as the third best value university in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, the institution is regarded as having some of the greatest computer science programs in all of New England. However, the downside is that ABET has not officially recognized Harvard’s computer science degree program.

5) Northeastern University

  • Acceptance Rate: 20%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 15,156
  • Tuition: $57,592

In my opinion, Northeastern University is among the best computer science schools in Massachusetts. Northeastern University is a private institution located on Huntington Avenue in Boston. It was founded there in 1898.

The department of computer science at Northeastern is among the best in the nation. The university’s cutting-edge CS program is well praised for its comprehensive coverage of all relevant subfields in the field, from programming to AI to ML.

The words “We are inspired learners, creative thinkers, and positive contributors who seek transformational experiences to make a difference locally and worldwide” from the Northeastern University mission statement sum up who I am as a person and why I chose to attend this institution.

Among the top 20 best computer science colleges in the United States, Northeastern University is ranked by CS Rankings. With only a 20% acceptance rate, entry is highly competitive. There are 14 students for every faculty member, and 61.8% of classes have fewer than 20 students.

Northeastern offers more than 200 undergraduate majors and minors, including a top-notch computer science program. Many of their grads also go on to earn master’s degrees at world-famous universities like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc.

6) Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Acceptance Rate: 7%
  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 4,361
  • Tuition: $55,878

With a 98% job placement rate for graduates within 5 years, MIT is among the best computer science schools in Massachusetts.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is an esteemed institution of higher education that has called Cambridge, Massachusetts home since its founding in 1861. The Computer Science Department at MIT is consistently recognized as one of the best in the United States and the globe.

When it comes to computer science programs in the Bay State, MIT is unrivaled. The computer science department at MIT, however, was ranked third in the country by CS Rankings.

US News & World Report also placed the school #2 among Best Value Schools. MIT is extremely selective, with only a 7% admittance rate. There are three teachers for every class, and more than two-thirds of the students in each class number fewer than twenty.

Those interested in computer science can pursue an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree at MIT. Notable graduates include Apple’s current head of design Jonathan Ive, Google co-founder Sergey Brin, and Mozilla founder Joi Ito (chairman of MIT Media Lab).

The Computing Accreditation Commission has validated MIT’s computer science program (ABET). The high cost of attendance is a drawback. But if you have the means, a degree from MIT will set you apart.

Which UMass School Is Best for Computer Science?

Among the schools in the University of Massachusetts system, the one with the best reputation for computer science is UMass Amherst. When it comes to computer science, UMass has long been considered one of the premier universities in Massachusetts and the United States.

UMass Amherst is the place to go if you want a top-notch education in computer science at a reasonable price. UMass Amherst’s College of Information and Computer Sciences offers the #23 top undergraduate computer science program in the US, according to U.S. News & World Report.

What is the Number 1 College in Massachusetts?

Not only do they have excellent engineering programs, but overall, MIT is the best school in the Bay State. With a 98% graduate placement record within 5 years, this university is among the finest in Massachusetts and the country.

When it comes to computer science programs, MIT is consistently recognized as one of the best in the world and consistently in the top 5 in the United States.

What Ivy League schools are in Massachusetts?

Harvard University is the sole member of the Ivy League in the state of Massachusetts. The term “Ivy League” is used to describe the athletic conference formed by eight elite universities, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Pennsylvania universities made the list of elite institutions.

Conclusion on the Best Computer Science Colleges in Massachusetts

I hope you found our ranking of the top computer science schools in Massachusetts useful. It might be difficult to know where to begin when there are so many wonderful possibilities to consider. With any luck, though, you may use this list as a point to learn more about the institutions that interest you.

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