From the server, click on rescue system.

  • In rescue system you choose Debian 9
  • Input your Vnc password
  • Click on start rescue system

Download vnc viewer

*copy Vnc Ip and port

*impute any name for the vnc and click on ok button

*impute vnc password, remember password and click okay button

  • Sudo su

Apt install parted FileZilla grub2 wimtools  -y  (for the first part)

  • gparted ( second part)

The gparted will open and you will see the hard disk

Click on delete button to leave only only one unallocated, after this click on Apply all Operations (The Good Button)

Click on the new button on the unallocated part.. Move to unallocated backwards to the last m on minimum, then click on add button

Click on new partition 1 and click on resize/move, move it front more to the middle of the last 2 numbers near Mib and click resize

Click on new partition and change it format to Ntfs…. Then click on 3rd unallocated and click on new button, then click on file system and click ntfs and click on add button.. now click on all operation save button.. the close the tab

  • gdisk /dev/sda (copy this to terminal)
  • Type: r,g,p,w,y

*mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

Cd ~

mkdir disk  (copy this 3 command together)

*mount /dev/sda2 disk

grub-install – – root -directory=/mnt /dev/sda (copy this 2 command)

*cd /mnt/boot/grub

*nano grub.cfg

You will get a clean page result then copy next step

*menuentry “windows installer” {

insmod ntfs

Search – -set-root – -file- /bootmgr

ntldr /bootmgr



}  (Copy all this command) on enter, then press control x.. click Y.. then click on enter button

*cd /root/disk

Mkdir wincd (copy 2 command)

   * Rsync -avz – -progress wincd/* /mnt

   * umount wincd

   * Wget -0 virtio.iso

  • mount  -o loop virtue.iso wincd
  • Rsync -avz – -progress wincd/* /mnt/sources/virtio

   *cd /mnt/sources

    *touch cmd.txt

     *Echo ‘add virtio /virtio_drivers’ >> cmd.txt

    *apt install florence… click yes (y)


Command run through user@debian

Cd /mnt/sources

Wimlib- image update boot.wim 2 < cmd.txt

  • Sudo su
  • Reboot

Next step

To give new drivers… click on browse button.. go to boot folder.. click on virtio folder… go to amd64….click 2k16

Next .. click on install windows only

Click on new button then click on apply..

From server manager.. click on tools button.. click on computer management, then click on device manager, click on ethernet controller…click on update drivers.. browse my computer

From boot, go to sources, then click on virtio.. then click ok button


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