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Viral Mbappe stat shows huge difference between MSN and ‘MNM’ trios

We’ve recently shown you the stat displaying the distribution of assists within the Paris Saint-Germain frontline trio. Kylian Mbappe hasn’t yet registered a single assist for Leo Messi or Neymar this season.

Things seemed much different with Luis Suarez at Barcelona. All the MSN trio players were active at providing their teammates with goal-leading passes.

Even the stat pic was called ‘Sharing The Love’ at the time.

Messi: 13 assists for Neymar, 5 for Suarez.

Neymar: 9 assists for Messi, 0 for Suarez.

Suarez: 8 assists for Neymar, 4 for Messi.

This is how you win big things. Everyone needs to be involved.

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