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Unique in a bad way’: Cules reject concept kit designed to make Barca look good in 2023

A Barcelona fan on Reddit took the stress to design a concept kit that would make the Blaugrana look more charming in 2023.

Have a look:

Barca fans on Reddit are not impressed, to say the least:

regularG84: “At first i thought it was a bicycle shirt.”

Blaugrana1990: “Looks more like an F1 sponsor shirt than a football kit imo.”

nac_nabuc: “I like the idea but the execution looks like something straight out of 1997 which is a bit of a bummer.”

ShivaSkunk777: “Take away the collar it would look more modern but yeah the way the colors curve up the sides is so 90s for some reason.”

clariott: “That’s a good badminton shirt.”

Dark-X: “Exactly. Unique but in a bad way. It doesn’t represent the club’s colors.”

fcb1030: “It’s actually really good, but it just looks like something used for racing.”

1mz99: “Looks like a cycling team kit 😂”

What do you think about this concept kit?

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