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He turns us into animals like him’: Emiliano Martinez on how Messi makes him a better goalkeeper

I’ve known him [Messi] for two or three years and he’s a super humble kid. He surprises everyone. He comes here and laughs and enjoys it as we enjoy it. I come from a lot of games, from stress and I come here and I’m relaxed, on vacation with friends. And that’s what he feels too,” Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has told Clarin.

And when it comes to competition, he is an animal. He helps us all to be animals like him. He demands a football level that one cannot achieve, but he demands the maximum from you. He helped me to be a better goalkeeper. How? I don’t know, but it drives me to be the best version of myself to help him win things,” the 30-year-old added.

We can’t wait for Leo Messi to show his best version with Argentina. The international duty usually serves him as a boost these days – and he is really eager to finally claim the World Cup gold this year.

No wonder he makes everyone better. He wants to be part of a highly-competitive side that will be capable of winning something big.

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