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One Barca defender’s physical transformation left locker room baffled, it’s not Balde

One of Barcelona defenders gained a lot of muscle mass during the summer, which left the locker room quite surprised.

It’s Eric Garcia, who took full advantage of the time off while on vacation and reached top physical level.

As Mundo Deportivo reports, the main idea behind all this was to adapt to the growing physical nature of the sport without losing agility and speed.

Eric knows that this year is very important for him, both at the club level (because of the severe competition) and at the national level (World Cup in 2 months)

As of today, the 21-year-old is bearing the fruits of the hard work, with Spain’s Luis Enrique branding him as a ‘wonderful player’.

Garcia also has the full of Xavi’s trust – he started each of Barca’s first four league games while completing full 90 minutes in three of them, before picking up a minor injury.


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