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Barca’s first opponents after international break – their 3 biggest strengths

Immediately after the international break, Barcelona are due to face Mallorca on October 1 – the game is just 9 days away.

Let’s take a look at Mallorca’s biggest strengths.

1. Interceptions. Mallorca are pretty solid at breaking up the flow of their opponent with some brilliant interceptions. Stats show they make 11.5 successful interceptions per game. Compare that to Barca – 9.2 interceptions per game.

2. Fouls. Mallorca are quite an aggressive team. Their players are not the cleanest with their tackles either. Per stats, they concede 17.3 fouls per game – that’s a pretty high number given Barca concedes just 6.5 fouls per game. It shows they won’t take it easy on Barca.

3. Crowd support. Like every other team playing at home, Mallorca relies heavily on the home fans to cheer them to victory. They recently beat Almeria 1-0 at home.

Regardless of Mallorca’s strengths, they’re seated 10th on the league table and will be considered underdogs when they file out against Barca.

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