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Dillard’s Credit Card Login; Now you can learn what you never knew

This is a direct explanation to what Dillard’s Credit Card Login is all about when it concerns payment, and reaching customer service.

The Dillards credit card is issued by the Wells Fargo and every service here is provided by wells Fargo in place for Dillards.


Online Account access

You can login to Wells Fargo website to make payment and also manage your account.

Customer service

The customer support gets two sides which are the help and pay by phone.

The Dillards American Express card customer service phone number for payments is 866-834-6294.

For the Dillards store-only credit card, the number is 800-643-8278.

Credit card payment address

  1. Dillards Credit Card/ Wells Fargo
  2. P.O. Box 512189
  3. Los Angeles, CA 90030-0189

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